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Sony Playstation.

Sony Playstation.

Project details.

When you have a hall filled with the worlds most recognisable entertainment brands, creating a space that not only stays true to the client but also stands out amongst tough competition is a welcoming challenge.

Over the years Sony PlayStation have had a variety of spaces at Brand Licensing Europe, giving Equinox the challenge of designing and delivering different engaging environments, from large double decked stands, to more intimate spaces.

Sony Playstation Logo

For the 2022 show, the team created a space that was not only engaging and inviting, but also allowed opportunities for private client meetings. Through creative solutions and the use of partitions and curtains, the space could be adapted to be more open or to create more secluded meeting spaces.

Industrial fixtures were paired with softer finishes all inside an eye-catching vivid graphic shell. Showcasing the latest releases from Sony PlayStation, it provided a unique visual backdrop for the experience.

Large, illuminated versions of the iconic PlayStation control buttons were on display to create high impact and instant recognition to the space.

Equinox were yet again able to showcase their creative flair with such an iconic brand.