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Life Kitchens.

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Life Kitchens are not your standard kitchen company, so when they needed someone to give them a showroom identity that nobody had ever seen before, it was a job for us.

Their location already offers a cool difference.  They’re in a space in South-East London, beneath Waterloo’s railway arches. With their stunning vaulted brick architecture this was an ambitious brief to fulfil.  It’s a world away from a typical retail outlet, and that provided the inspiration to deliver a truly stunning concept for the store.

Working with Life Kitchens was a little bit like looking in the mirror.  They create experiences for their customers, something that we do for ours. So, we were on the same page straight away – we knew what they wanted, and they knew we’d deliver the right showroom for them.

It was key to provide the showrooms visitors with inspiring interior settings for the kitchen environments, whilst not compromising the buildings architectural features and to use these to dramatic effect.

The industry meets modern look was perfect for the space: the brickwork of the arches were left exposed on the ceiling and was tastefully illuminated. Services such as air conditioning exposed and honest in its appearance, a world away from the standard kitchen retail outlet.

And Life’s kitchens were stylishly placed to complement the layout and the space they were in. We were a world away from your standard kitchen showroom – it had a certain feel about it. Customers really could experience Life and its premium offering. It was stylish, cool and contemporary.
Life Kitchens had a showroom to be proud of and customer feedback was amazing!

The next stage of our relationship with Life Kitchens has seen us deliver their latest showroom, this time across London in Wimbledon village.

Set over two floors, the journey once again involved our creative interiors team working in conjunction with the Life Kitchen designers. The goal, to provide a suitably interesting journey through the showroom for the visitor, mixing intrigue with clever zonal space planning to best display the stunning range on offer.

From concept to reality, we've been with the Life Kitchen's team every step of the way.