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Inmarsat – Virtual Event.

Inmarsat – Virtual Event.

Project details.

In the same way you have come expect from the team at Equinox in the physical world, we design, build, and manage every facet of online virtual events.

That’s why when faced with a limitation on physical events, the Inmarsat team immediately turned to how to still connect and give regular updates to their partners.

As a satellite communications company, the team are some of the best and they certainly had the experience and the vision for this event.. So, it was up to Equinox to design not only an immersive virtual host space, but to project manage and deliver a smooth-running event.

The process of digitally designing a space is something the Equinox team goes through for every experience, virtual or physical. When it comes to creating realistic virtual events, the devil really is in the detail. The overall set design, client branding, down to the finishes used, set backgrounds and even the animations to take clients through the event.

From dress rehearsals to event day and through to post event distribution, the team were on hand to support Inmarsat.

From initial branding, campaign material and agenda building to back of house analytics and reporting, through to technical support, we are with you at every stage.

The first in a series of virtual events created for Inmarsat by the Equinox team.

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