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Project details.

Any stand design should be smart, engaging and rememberable, all whilst achieving client objectives.

With the return of ICE London, Sports Betting Platform of the Year Digitain wanted to go even bigger and better than previous years.

The Equinox design team got to work, creating an AV filled stand to simply showcase Digitain’s latest platforms and products.

As well as the physical stand, Equinox delivered the AV Content across the heart of the space, a 48-metre-long suspended AV curved banner. Dispalying interchangeable brand messages throughout the day as well as a dramatic countdown and screen takeover, synced with subtle pyrotechnics.

Not only the latest technology and product display from Digitain were on display, the biggest ever prize that has been given away at ICE London, a Cartier watch, was also displayed on the stand throughout the show.

Matching the Digitain branding, bespoke cocktails were offered to visiting clients, who could also enjoy a flair show by master cocktail makers.

Away from the showcase, the practical elements of facilitating over 100 members of staff attending the show over the three days had to be considered. The stand had to be inviting without seeming overcrowded.

Dedicated staff spaces were provided as well as private meeting spaces and a presentation room for over 20 attendees.

It was a pleasure to return to ICE London and deliver an unforgettable experience.

physcial and digital, designed, installed + project managed by team Equinox