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Project details.

Supporting the Clevertouch team with their international exhibition programme over the years means we’re in sync with their brand goals and values and how to achieve them.

So when the chance to work with the team on their new London permanent space came, we were thrilled to bring some of the best of their show experiences and translate them into this constant brand showcase.

When designing any space, an impactful entrance is important. The team wanted to create a welcoming, engaging impression from the street, with good views into the space and to those all important visual screens from Clevertouch.

Stepping inside, the existing space of 25 hundred square foot was reimagined to take clients through a relaxed walkthrough to discover the world of Clevertouch. A large open plan space is broken up with relaxed breakout areas, more practical screened off areas such as meeting rooms and staff working areas.

Through the space, clients can browse the showroom gallery with its large feature wall display. A curved effect wall was built to display the latest technology and screens from Clevertouch.

Collaborative projects between ambitious AV specialists and space architects always result in a fascinating and inspiring environment.

Another experiential environment delivered by team Equinox.