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Arnold Sports Festival.

Arnold Sports Festival.

Project details.

After delivering the UK’s first Arnold Sports Festival in 2021, the Equinox team were back for 2022 to bring guest favourites The Arnold Experience and Muscle Beach Venice.

When designing these spaces, we knew they needed to be a showstopping hub within the event. A place where any visitor, whether they’re a competitor or amateur, young, or old could come together and get a sense of what the Arnold Sports Festival was all about.  A true talking point.

Learning what works from year to year is vital to creating shared experiences, and sometimes that means not making too many changes.

Conceptualised for the inaugural Arnold Sports Festival in 2021, The Arnold Experience is an experiential walk through paying homage to the living legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Taking a look back over decades worth of accomplishments, not only in the sports and bodybuilding world, but also across film and TV.

Refreshed for the 2022 show, the walk through takes a look back over decades worth of accomplishments. With montages of Arnold’s life, not only in the sports and bodybuilding world, but also featuring memorabilia and footage from across his film and tv career.

The walk through experience finishes with a 3m tall, bronzed statue of the main man himself, in his signature bodybuilding pose, ready for those all-important photo opportunities.

The iconic Muscle Beach Venice.

No event linked to Arnold Schwarzenegger and the world of fitness could pass without a tribute to the home of bodybuilding.

20ft high red shipping containers set the backdrop for the Arnold Sports Festival take on Muscle Beach Venice. Group training sessions and fitness challenges were created for visitors and competitors to not skip a day of training and to test their limits.

Bringing an authentic look and feel of Muscle Beach Venice to the NEC was important for our design team.

Replica muscle beach signage was created alongside the travelling rings challenge, modelled on the original from Muscle Beach. New for the 2022 experience was a rope climb challenge, testing visitors’ strength and endurance.

Another successful year!

designed, installed + project managed by team equinox