Equinox Group

The Story of Equinox: Back to the beginning

They say that mystery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows, well this collaboration in 1983 was creativity in action which would yield an innovative bloom.

The coming together of these two designers from different backgrounds may have seemed a strange alliance, with Carmine Salvatore Criscione, having migrated from Caserta, Italy, the home of Mozzerella to Halifax and Jim Reilly from Pontefract, Yorkshire, the home of the liquorice cakes, residing near his home town.

The two conflicting ingredients, brought together a recipe that would change how to serve the Exhibition market in Yorkshire.

When forming Equinox back in 1983, the top of the ‘to do’ list were premises, the location and cost were the obvious priorities, fate was to play it’s part in the acquiring of a suitable property. As part of the Economic Redevelopment of South Leeds, an ideal location for access to the beginning of the M1 motorway, a new Industrial Estate was being developed in the Parkside area.

The costs were prohibitive, it was like playing Monopoly, Chris and Jim had passed go without picking up two hundred pounds, so they then had to play a game of Chance.

Roll the dice they did, got lucky, the Community chest awarded them a loan, game on …

Things moved quickly, boosted sales out stretched the design capabilities, the time and climate were right to add to the merry band.

Enjoyment of what we were doing created improved well-being and a higher level of performance, doing what we were naturally good at pleased us the most. This energised enthusiasm flowed through the company, impressive presentations, account winning strategies, successful European installations were the order of the day.

Most importantly for any young company the high degree of repeat business and client retention helped sustain a happy and motivated team to keep working on. Building a business around friendship, creative impetus and growth.

In 1988 we created a motorway stopping campaign that we were ‘the Supporting Act to some of Europe’s leading performers’ our client list and work schedule were heading in the right direction …